Cleansing Facial Casmara

It is a revolutionary treatment that purifies the skin at
all levels without needing complementary products.

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It is a revolutionary treatment that purifies the skin at all levels without needing complementary products.It combines medical technology and professional cosmetics to oxygenate and purify the skin, allowing it to breathe once again. 

It is aimed at all skin types, including those with delicate, reactive or damaged skin, who want to have good facial hygiene and enhance the effects of the beauty product – no matter whether it is for specific or everyday use. Unisex formula. To be used all year round. 

This facial leaves the skin deeply cleansed, looking radiant and thoroughly purified due to the exclusive combination of its purifying-detoxifying action and its oxygenating agents, which makes the skin improve it at all levels. 

What does it do ? 

  • Provides pure oxygen directly to the cells
  • Improves the cells breathing processes
  • Encourages the movement of oxygen in the skin.
  • Reprograms cells, so that its metabolism functions 100% of the time.

Single Session (60min) $90

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