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Explore a luxury spa that offers a unique experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.
Enjoy exclusive treatments, a team of highly trained therapists, and a serene atmosphere.

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Our Philosophy

A Back to Basics Approach to Beauty

Total Definer Beauty™ treatments are tailored to every client’s needs. It is based on identifying and treating true causes of issues like cellulite, water retention, weight gain, loss of skin elasticity, scarring, pigmentation and much more, rather than only treating they effects. Treatments are designed to visibly change every client appearance, increase self esteem and confidence.

Because it Works

Total Definer Beauty™ with an multi-award winning background, best known for its unique combinations of pre and post operative treatments, as well as latest procedures, that are exclusive to Total Definer Beauty and cutting edge equipment that combine to achieve results that are tailored to every client’s health and wellbeing, invasive and non invasive beauty needs.

Results Driven Treatments

Total Definer Beauty offers a uniquely curated range of individually tailored treatments designed to be combined with each other in a variety of ways to achieve the best results. From the UK’s only hydrotherapy, signature Cellulite Slayer massage, infrared sauna, and cryotherapy to lasers, IVs, injectables and rejuvenate treatments every treatment is designed to achieve individual client goals.

Total Body

A carefully selected range of results driven treatments that work

Total Face

Rediscover Your Radiance With The total Face Treatment At Td Beauty.

Wellness Treatments

Experience A Journey Of Holistic Wellness At TD Beauty.

TD Packages

Designed To Pamper And Revitalize You From Head To Toe.